Take a proactive stance on your online reputation. Run your business better by keeping track of what your customers have to say. Save time and energy with reputation management strategies from ABJ Digital Solutions. Our experts contact you monthly with a comprehensive report of customer reviews. This strategy will allow you to maximize on positive reviews and get ahead of negative reviews. When you encounter a difficult review, our professional consultants will contact you to suggest the best course of action.

We offer two packages to help you manage customer reviews.

  • Proactively manage your company’s online reputation. ABJ Digital Solutions makes it easy to monitor and interpret reports as well as take decisive action.

    Save time with our efficient reputation management tools that compile information about reviews and listings about your business. We provide you with a monthly report detailing statistical data.

    Competitive Analysis
    Our management platform helps you take control of reviews written about you online. The tool does the research and tracking for you while you concern yourself with strategic and professional responses to your customers.

    Timely Alerts
    Address negative reviews promptly. Our real-time alert system will contact you via email if there are any negative mentions of your business that need immediate attention.

    Personal Touch
    Our team of experienced reputation management specialists will get in touch with you directly when you need to take action. Our team provides constant monitoring and consultations for strategic responses.

  • Become more influential online by taking an active stance on customer reviews. See where your business stands and what others are saying about you.

    Gauge Competition
    Our platform makes it quick and easy to monitor your mentions and sphere of influence compared to that of your main competitors.

    Find Mentions
    Our advanced technology finds all mentions of your business online for a comprehensive evaluation of your reputation.

    Evaluate Sentiment
    Reputation management specialists will help you find what customers have to say about your business. We will guide you through negative and positive reviews to help you manage your image.

  • Promptly respond to customer complaints, criticisms, and praise to be aware of and properly manage your reputation.

    Get Listed & Reviewed
    Establish your presence on popular review sites, directories, social networks, and search engines. Generating traffic and reviews will help you learn what customers are saying about your business.

    Find Reviews
    Our tool scours business review sites to collect data on customer reviews. Awareness allows you to get ahead of negative or positive reviews, respond, and develop a positive web reputation.

    Address Concerns
    Negative and positive reviews are a part of doing business. Our reputation specialists will guide you on how to turn a negative review into a positive one by listening and addressing the customer’s concerns. Effective responses allow you to address the customer and impact potential customers who may find the review.

    Constructive Criticism
    Negative reviews are not always bad for business. Learn how to sort out constructive criticism and use it to make adjustments and strengthen your business.

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