Jolt Digital Solutions makes it easy for you to actively participate in all facets of your company. Stay informed about the return on your investment in order to make smarter decisions about your business. The information we gather for you is comprehensive, easy to read, and can help you make future decisions to help you thrive.

  • Stay up to date with your LocalTrack to better gauge your ROI.

    Full Control
    LocalTrack lets you access information quickly and easily. View only the data relevant to you, your business, and your area.

    Our tools are quick to learn and easy to use for your convenience. Our products are meant to make operating your business easier.

    Up-to-Date Information
    The information our tools provide is always up to date, meaning you get the most current and accurate data possible.

  • Use the latest information to your advantage as soon as it becomes available.

    Review Conversations
    All phone calls are recorded and saved instantly for you to review at your convenience.

    Monitor Progress
    As we help you develop your online presence and expand your customer base, you will be able to use our data to see the progress of your digital marketing campaign.

  • Record, monitor, and review the efficacy of your campaign with reports in real-time. Your results are based on telephone calls, emails, and website visits.

    Compare Data & Track Results
    Our platform is easy to use and allows you to compare individual results to see which areas of your campaign work the best and which areas need adjustments.

    Maximum Value
    Take advantage of the resources available to you by comparing value against all of your programs as a whole or against individual advertising components.

  • Visual data and progress of your campaign with user-friendly graphs and charts.

    Track Progress
    LocalTrack data is in real time with continuous updates. Frequently review our data-plotting software to check the growth and progress of your campaign.

    Make an Impression
    Graphs and charts are produced in full color and high resolution, making them easy to copy, reproduce, and share with other members of your business.

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