Landing pages are a highly customizable and versatile tool used to drive traffic to your website and your business. They are a concentrated sales pitch featuring your main products and services, artfully presented through multimedia. AtABJ Digital Media, our landing pages are meant to convert a page view into a sale.

Business Description
Present a concise and informative description of your business, including the main goods and services you provide. The brief and summarizing nature of a landing page is one of its greatest strengths and an asset to increasing traffic to your company.

Introduce Your Brand
Landing pages are both versatile and informative, allowing your current and potential customers a quick look at your brand.

Use our blogging and social media tools to continually update your landing page. This platform is the perfect opportunity to present promotions, special offers, and upcoming events.

  • Create an interactive and engaging experience for current and potential customers. Tailored multimedia allows you to convert condensed information about your company to drive sales. It is a powerful tool with a variety of applications and can greatly impact your web presence.

    Demonstrate your services or showcase your products on your landing page. Pictures give customers an impression of the type of work you do or goods you have available.

    Interactive Presence
    Embedded videos catch customers’ attention and keep them on the page longer, increasing your chances of turning the visit into a sale. Stand out from your competition with marketing videos and interactive maps.

    Essential Information
    Include all relevant information and methods by which customers can reach you. Add all phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation to help customers find you easily.

  • Landing pages are an efficient platform through which you can maintain your relationship with existing customers and branch out to new ones. Legitimize your online presence and communicate directly with valued clients through email, reviews, and blogs. Your landing page provides personality and accessibility to cultivate a strong web presence.

    Stand Out
    We help you build a customized landing page tailored to your business to help you legitimize your company and easily connect with customers.

    Build Relationships
    Interact and connect with customers. Respond to their reviews to improve your business’s online reputation.

    Further Your Brand
    We provide you with email addresses customized to your business’s name and URL. Add to your professionalism and web presence by continuing your brand.

  • Additional features add to the efficacy of your landing page and customer traffic. By linking to social media sites, you can establish a network and impact your web presence by continuing the conversation with customers. Search engine optimization will also supplement your landing page and further your marketing goals by increasing your business’s rankings. A landing page fully integrated with SMM and SEO is the start of building your web presence and driving sales through recognition online.

    Social Media Marketing
    Use digital communication, social interaction, and online sharing to your advantage. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Foursquare pages allow you to open the lines of communication with customers and interact with them on a social level. This magnified presence will increase traffic to your business.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Optimize your landing page with the help of our SEO experts. Keep track of your progress and watch your page climb on search engine results.

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